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Educators workshop in remote lerning

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Sign in for the first time Go to classroom.google.com and click Go to Classroom. Click Go to Classroom Enter the email address for your Classroom account and click Next. Click Next Enter your password and click Next. Click Next If there is a welcome message, review it and click Accept. If you're using a G Suite for Education account, click I’m A Student or I’m A Teacher. Note: Users with personal Google Accounts won’t see this option. Pick your role

Click Get Started.

Switch to a different account If you’re signed in to multiple accounts and need to switch to the account that you use with Classroom: At the top, click your profile image or initial. Select the account. If you have trouble signing in Error message What it means What you can do Your administrator hasn’t activated Classroom. Your administrator hasn’t turned on Classroom for your account. Contact your IT administrator. This service has been disabled by your admin. Classroom isn't activated for your account. Contact your IT administrator. You can’t use Classroom with this account. You signed in to Classroom with the wrong account. Sign out and sign in again. On the mobile app, you'll be asked to add another account. Sign in with the account that you use with Classroom. Has your admin activated Classroom? To use Classroom, ask your school’s IT or G Suite administrator to activate Classroom for your school. Your school doesn't use G Suite for Education. Before you can use Classroom, your school needs to sign up for G Suite for Education. Access other areas of Classroom Go to Menu "" to access: Classes—Navigate to your classes. Calendar—View due dates and access items. To-do—Review work for your classes. Settings—Change your profile photo, password, and notifications. Start using Classroom If you’re a teacher, you can create a class. If you’re a student, you can join a class.!

What you'll learn

  • Connecting form home with Standard.
  • Remote Study.
  • User Experience Course.
Bain Shehu

Service Desks Many departments and teams across campus offer customer facing services e.g. admin receptions, library services, creative and print services etc. Within these areas, appropriate queuing arrangements should be clearly laid out, and customers must adhere to the systems in place; floor markings will be in place to indicate where to stand. At high traffic times, the entry to areas with service desks may be regulated, and you may be asked to wait outdoors until there is space available inside for you to queue. To ensure good practice, high contact surfaces such as service desks and communal computer equipment should be wiped down frequently. Frequency of cleaning should increase with increased usage but a minimum of twice daily is suggested where possible. For those working behind the desks and subject to unavoidable face to face contact, the university can provide appropriate shielding. Sizes and shapes will vary greatly for the various points across campus. Staff working in these areas need to measure the size they will need and consider whether free standing or semi-permanent screens are required. The university will not replace damaged furniture or infrastructure where screw holes and alike have been made for fixings. Where screens are in place, please ensure you stay behind these to ensure the safety of persons on both sides. When measuring the dimensions for a Perspex screen to be made, please ensure that the minimum width of the screen should be no less than 1m across per user sitting behind the screen, and the top of the screen should be no less than 2m from the ground. Once measured, your request needs to be sent to facilities management

Communal Kitchens Many buildings on campus have small, communal kitchen areas for use by members of staff and research students. To ensure social distancing measures are adhered to, communal kitchens should operate on a reduced capacity, with the number of persons permitted within the area being limited. Due to the variation in size and layout of communal kitchens across campus, the maximum occupancy of these areas will be set locally. One-way systems may also be in effect within these areas. Any persons who would fall outside the maximum occupancy of a kitchen area should form a queue in the adjoining corridor, with the start of the queue being set 2m away from the entrance to the kitchen area to allow persons to exit the area whilst maintaining a 2m distance from persons queueing. !

Workshop in Social distancing and COVID19 safty

  • 1.1Why Education is a Powerful Content.
  • 1.2Learning Tools your competitors.

  • 1.1 You'll learn how to choose colors.
  • 1.2Prototype your designs with interactions.
  • 1.3Build & test a full mobile app.
  • 1.4Design experience is needed.
  • 1.5User Experience Course.

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Maryam Aliko Mohammed Just Now

Moving forward as an institution!

Maryam Aliko Mohammed Just Now

Learning is a process!

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