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Some Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where is the school located?
    The school is well located at No. 1 Wurno Rd off Badarawa Kaduna, Nigeria. In a quiet residential area, not far from the centre of Kaduna business areas but away from main roads and other dangers.
  • How long is the school day?
    The school is open from 7:45 am. Students should be in class at 8:00 am and lessons start at 8:15 am Formal school finishes at 2:00 pm, but afterschool clubs and aftercare run to 3:30 pm so students can be collected either at the end of the formal school or after extra-curricular activities.
  • Are there weekend classes?
  • Is there a school uniform?
    Kaduna International School have a school uniform. Students must wear appropriate clothing for the school day and should appear neat and smart.
  • Do students have to do homework?
    Yes. Students receive homework on a daily basis to enable parents to be involved in the education process.

More Info

If you have further questions please feel free to direct them to the Head Teacher or Administrator.

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