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Fee's structure

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Admission fees; these fees are paid once and are non-refundable

Deposit (Refundable when the child completes P6 or at the end of JS3) ₦10,000.00
PTA Development Levy ₦20,000.00
Application and Registration fee ₦20,000.00
Capital development levy ₦20,000.00
Total: ₦50,000.00


1st Term

2nd Term

3rd Term

Annual Fees

Tuition including all education materials other than uniforms, lunch and  refreshments 

₦248,000.00 ₦248,000.00 ₦248,000.00 ₦744,000.00
PTA Levy ₦2,000.00 ₦2,000.00 ₦2,000.00 ₦6,000.00
School Tie ₦1,000.00




School Kit ₦2,500.00




Account Details

Account Name: Kaduna International School

  • First Bank of Nigeria ------ 2023134056
  • First Bank of Nigeria (£/Sterling) ------ 2026438195
  • First Bank of Nigeria($/Dollar) ------ 2026438195
  • GTBank ------ 0020969461
  • GTBank (£/Sterling) ------ 0147882500

  • All fees must be paid on or before the first day of every term. Late payment 10% penalty after seven days of resumption and for every week after that. Unless otherwise agreed with the school management.
  • Less 5% discount for annual payment made on or before the 1st working day of academic session
  • Less 10% discount on tuition fees starting from the 3rd child of the same family and an additional 2.5% on each subsequent child, if the payment is made on or before the 1st week of resumption
  • One terms (3month) notice is required for withdrawal of admission.
  • Request for instalment payment must be written and made before the term begins.
  • ith monthly installment, ₦83,000.00 (Eighty Three thousand Naira) are made on resumption
  • With monthly instalments, and ₦83,000.00 (Eighty Three thousand Naira) for the next subsequent two months
  • Fees once paid are refundable before term start, after it has started only 50% will be refunded. Request for refund must be made in writing.


Currently the school does not provide or sell uniforms but this might change as the school grows, we will keep parents updated on this prospect. Parents will have to source uniform themselves and they include:

  • Black shoes (Not running shoes)
  • Running shoes for PE
  • Navy Trousers, Skirt or Shorts
  • Plain white cotton shirt with buttons down the front
  • White, Navy sweater or cardigan
  • Sport and house team shirt (available in school)
  • Tie (Available in school)

Smart kids on Sultan close and little Gems on Alkali Roads are shops in town that stocks KIS uniform. Prices vary and start from ₦2, 200.00 for shirt and ₦2,800.00 for trousers and skirts.

School Supplies

Primary school children must bring pencil cases containing the following

  • Pencil
  • Pens
  • Colors pencils
  • Crayons
  • Felt tips
  • Rulers
  • Compass and protractor
Some items are available from school for purchase

Breakfast, Launch and Refreshments

Breakfast will be available daily in the mornings from 7:15am to 7:45am at a cost of ₦200.00/day. Children are expected to bring their launch or buy it in the school canteen at a cost of ₦400.00/day.

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The Fee's structure is designed to give detailed breakdown and information about your child’s fee.

Download a complete Fee structure

If you have further questions please feel free to direct them to the Head Teacher or Administrator.

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